The impact we make on the environment is something that we are very aware of and when we started Patton House, sustainability was an important part of our ethos. This played a central role in our decisions, from the certification and organic nature of the raw materials to the employment practices and safe working conditions of our artisans.

To produce inspiring, affordable and lasting products for the home was also key to the spirit of Patton House and we are proud that we are able to achieve this, whilst whilst keeping our sustainability goals in mind.


Linen is the biggest raw material used at Patton House. As a raw material it is considered to be one of the finest materials in the world and also one of the oldest, dating back thousands of years.

It is also one of the most sustainable raw materials and the flax plant, from which linen derives, is responsible for only a small environmental footprint. This pretty blue flowered plant will thrive in poor soil, requires no irrigation - only rainwater - and needs no pesticides or fertilisers. It also produces no waste. Once the linen fibres have been extracted from the stalk in order to create textiles, the remaining parts are used for paper, varnish, paint, oil, and animal feed. Not only does it have many uses but it is also completely bio-degradeable. 


The dyes used by our weavers are natural, meaning they are derived from seeds, roots and leaves. Unavoidably, they have to include a small amount of chemicals which are vital for maintaining colour, but the next best thing is that these chemicals are organic and approved by GOTS, a world leading textile standard for organic fibres.


Our wooden products are all carved by craftspeople in the UK, using plenty of skill. There is no mass production in factories and the only significant impact on the environment are the raw materials used. We FFC certified beechwood and oak. Even the shavings from the wood are re-used locally as bedding for horses!


Our finished product packaging is as green as we can be. Our cardboard is made from 90% recycled materials and is biodegradable. Our tissue is made from recycled paper and is recyclable and biodegradable. We use paper tape rather than plastic tape and our void-fill packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. We want your products to arrive on your doorstep in perfect condition but we are also aware of the environmental impact that packaging has and aim to be as sustainable as we can.