Lampshade Size and Fittings' Guide


It's often personal preference when it comes to matching a lampshade with a base. However, there are a few tips which give an indication of which size shade will look best on your base.

1. The diameter (width) of the shade at the widest point should be similar to the height of the base.

2. The height of the shade should be around half the size of the lamp base.

3. The width of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the the lamp base. 

Hope that helps but any questions, please ask us! 


 Candle clip. This fitting has two wire loops that are gently pulled apart so that the shade sits directly on top of a candle shaped lightbulb. Mainly used on wall lights, they are 6 inches wide and are universal.

Gimbal. This fitting enables the shade to attach to the lamp via the fixed arms which are attached to the top ring of the shade. These are mainly used for table lamps or floor lamps and work with both BC (UK) or ES (EU) fixtures when used with a removable plastic reducer ring. These Our 8 inch and 10 inch shades have gimbal fittings.

Duplex. This fitting comes with most of our lampshades with a diameter of 12" or above. We then provide either a shade carrier for table/floor lamps or a spider adaptor for pendants (see below) for UK/EU/US. 

For table lamps and floor lamps, we provide lampshade carriers to fit all UK, EU and US lamps. The shade carrier attaches to the lamp base and is secured in place using the threaded ring, then the shade simply sits on top. 

For UK/EU/US pendants, this spider can be used to hang a lampshade with duplex fitting. It can also be used on a harp fitting on US table lamps, which is placed upwards and secured by two washers. We provide all of these.